I’m Louis. This is a place I’ve built to a share my ideas and experiences, and to build things.

The currents of my curiosities.

Ever wonder when we were supposed to learn something.

Like we missed a few classes, maybe a course or two.

Sometimes it seems like way more.

Rest assured. Peace of mind

We are Builders.

We are Brokers.

We are Thinkers.

Every person is all three. We are discouraged by people who voice the limitations they put on themselves. Those who seem to be going through life on “easy-mode” will often be the first to correct your assumption that their success came with little effort.



Critical Thinking & First Principals Reasoning Courses
Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Freelancing, Partnerships & Employment
Explore Your Curiosity, Endless Ideas
Embrace Lifelong-Learning
Guidance to Identify, Establish, and Evaluate Mentorship Relationships.

Why Learn Critical Thinking & First Principals Reasoning Skills?

… because the public education structure and curriculum is outdated. Designed to create FACTORY WORKERS.

Join in on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. Redefine your life’s direction.

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